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Why birch water?

To evaluate all the useful properties of BIRCHIQ Birch Water we should have a look at the benefits of birch sap and sacred birch oil for our health.

Birch water itself is slightly sweet with a delicate aroma drink that offers many benefits to your health because it is loaded with vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and minerals. The benefits of birch sap are obvious because its nutrients are vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, sodium, zinc and iron. The taste of natural birch sap is similar to maple syrup, although much lighter. Since the ancient time, it is used as a healthy tonic drink in places like Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic States. It is good for therapeutic purposes, as well as for food supplement, thanks to detoxification, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why we should drink birch sap. Enough to say, that it is not only delicious but also has many useful properties.

Credited with helping a range of disorders, from high cholesterol to flu, kidney stones, headaches, eczema, cellulite and dandruff, birch sap is also considered to have powerful hydrating and detoxifying effects. That’s why this thin, watery sap tapped from birch tree trunks in early spring has been a popular drink and herbal remedy in many countries for centuries.

Why should we pay our attention specifically on this drink among the others on world’s giant market? Well, it’s thanks to its array of potential health and beauty benefits. With less than 5 calories per 100g, birch water contains lots of important, naturally occurring nutrients, such as antioxidant vitamin C, rehydrating potassium, immune system-boosting zinc, and copper — thought to have anti-aging benefits.

But, what exactly is in this magic elixir and why does it have such an impressive reputation? According to some researchers, the basic nutritional profile of birch water is very similar to its coconut cousin — but with a couple of impressive nutritional extras and around 5 times fewer calories. Some people call it diet coconut water.

It is also infused with natural sugars (xylitol), protective antioxidant vitamins, hydrating electrolytes (nutrients like potassium that help the body to rehydrate itself) and trace minerals such as copper, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Unlike coconut water, birch water also contains compounds called saponins, which are said to have powerful cholesterol-reducing properties.

There are much more to say about this wonderful drink, but better try BIRCHIQ Birch Water and discover all the benefits for yourself.


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