We love to see BIRCHIQ at unique coffee shop and market.

As the rain sprinkled in the University District, the Birchiq team set up their birch water tasting at the Seven Market & Café, located at 2007 NE Ravenna Blvd, Seattle, WA 98105, where we exclusively sell Birchiq water, chilled and ready for you to stop by to have a taste. Set in a 1922 market, this cozy coffee shop serves its own roasts and local snacks. We introduced birch water to students who live in the university’s area and their regular customers, also. We believe that connecting with community is key to create lasting relationships that matter, and we like to talk about the history and what we do to help our world. Birchiq birch water is collected in the country of Ukraine and directly imported to the U.S.A. as the only birch water that contains no artificial ingredients or other additives. Pure, 100% organic birch tree sap. That’s it. Our trees are grown and sourced ethically in Ukraine, by only tapping a small hole to collect water, as it drips into the collection jar in the beginning of spring for a golden period of 14-21 days only. A drink as rare as this should be treasured and we can confidently say that all our trees stay growing in a safe environment with no risk of being cut down! Now that is something we all can support while taking a fresh sip of lightly sweetened birch water! Also, we alleviate poverty by providing jobs to the community during the harvest period, which allows Ukrainians to be proud and appreciative of the goodness they produce to share with the world. We strive to create a cleaner world and therefore 10% of our proceeds are to fund clean water projects where the need is the greatest. Some of our Birchiq customers and fans drink our smart water because of the many benefits it has, especially aiding in joint pain and working as a herbal remedy and some just love the airy sweetness that comes from drinking it. Birch water has earthy tones which we suggest trying to make a cup of coffee with, adding boosts of nutrients to your morning and creating a richer flavor. The combination is truly divine, and we can testify to that! Unlike coconut water, birch water also contains compounds called saponins, which are said to have powerful cholesterol-reducing properties. Because of this unique benefit, Birchiq birch water works well in your smoothies, protein shakes, or when making a hot cup of tea.
Throughout the day we held a raffle for one special guest to win a FREE CASE OF BIRCHIQ, containing 15 bottles, to share with friends, family, or to keep for yourselves as a daily addition to your diet! Follow us on Instagram here to see where our next tasting will be and your chance to win your very own case of Birchiq birch water. Thank you to the baristas and team at Seven Market & Cafe in Bellevue for hosting us and congratulations to Libby S. for winning the raffle!