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The wound healing efficacy of birch extract are clinically proven.

It has long been known that birch sap has healing properties, but until now, these properties have not been fully disclosed. Now, thanks to the scientists’ research, the secret is no more a secret.

Irmgard MerfortThe author of the experiment, Professor Irmgard Merfort, together with a group of other researchers, studied the healing effect of birch sap on the molecular level.

It is worth to note that the teaching group led by Professor Merfort worked closely with scientists from the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, and with the dermatological clinic of the University of Hamburg.

At the first stage of wound healing, cellular mechanisms synthesize certain substances that can cause temporary inflammation. These substances cause a certain migration of phagocytes in the wound area. In addition, such a reaction promotes the absorption of dead tissues and bacteria. The researchers managed to establish that birch sap or, to be more precise, its active ingredient betulin, promotes a significant increase in the concentration of those anti-inflammatory substances.

It is betulin that is responsible for the activation of proteins that prolong the activity of mRNA. As is known, genetic information is transferred to mRNA for the purpose of further synthesis of protein. By means of betulin, the mRNA activity time increases three-fold. Given this fact, thanks to mRNA, the amount of anti-inflammatory substances is significantly increased.

At the next stage of healing, the skin cells begin to migrate to the wound area, where the renewal of skin defects occurs. With the help of birch sap, more precisely with betulin and lupeol, which are part of its composition, natural healing takes place faster. The thing is that these substances affect the cellular cytoskeleton. As you know, the latter helps to keep the shape of cells. Birch sap increases the migration rate of keratinocytes. This is the most abundant cells in the outer layer of the skin. Getting into the affected area, keratinocytes contribute to its rapid healing.

These materials were published in 2014 on the basis of the study of the University of Freiburg.

But scientists emphasize that in no case birch water can be used instead of medical drugs. They hope that given the results, pharmacological companies will develop drugs on a natural basis. This discovering can be useful in developing care products for problem skin. Acne, scars, the effects of diseases and allergies – in many conditions the skin requires regeneration, which can accelerate the ingredients from the birch sap. As for home use, in addition to medical treatment, it will be enough to wipe affected area with fresh birch water, such as you can find in a bottle of BIRCHIQ.

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