Still not sure if you should try BIRCHIQ Birch Water? Read this.

From childhood, many of us might remember something like the taste of birch water. This transparent sweet drink perfectly quenches thirst, invigorates and adds tone. What are the beneficial properties of birch water for human health? Read the detailed answers in this article.

Birch water is a fluid that flows inside birch trunks. It is a very useful product in its nutritional value, with rich content of substances essential for the human body.

Birch tree has long been valued by our ancestors as a source of healing substances.  Branches, leaves, buds, and juice were used in folk medicine as an effective medication against a variety of ailments. Even in our days birch is a valuable medical mean. After all, it is with birch wood made tar, activated charcoal and even substitute for sugar- xylitol. In addition, mushroom Chaga, its beneficial properties have a significant impact on the state of the body, also grows on birches.

Composition of birch water is rich in vitamins and minerals and has very powerful beneficial properties – it contains vitamins, organic acids, saponins, sugars, tannins, phytoncides, enzymes, as well as many mineral substances: sodium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, calcium, copper, aluminum, iron, manganese, barium, titanium, zirconium, phosphorus, nickel, strontium.

Such a variety of valuable substances allows birch sap to have a complex effect on the entire human body. This drink is used for health promotion, for the elimination of avitaminosis, for restoring strength, for purifying from toxins, and for increasing tone.

Birch water composition includes phytoncides, which contribute to the bodies resistance to infections, kill microbes and bacteria, strengthen immune protection, and form the basis of anti-inflammatory properties of water.

In addition, the use of birch sap helps improve metabolism, tone the nervous system, accelerate metabolism, cope with a depressed state or seasonal boredom.

Useful properties of birch water are widely used for weight loss. With this drink you can add to your body flexibility and harmony. All this is explained by the fact that birch water has a very high nutritional value, but it contains only a few calories – 4 calories in 100 ml. This allows you to use birch sap to combat obesity of varying degrees.

Regular use of birch water helps cleanse the blood, increase hemoglobin, remove toxins and slags, as well as decay products and other substances harmful to the body, accelerate the healing of wounds and skin damage, improve the kidney function.

Useful for human health BIRCHIQ Birch Water has no restrictions on consumption. It is possible for everyone to drink this wonderful drink, except for those people who are allergic to birch pollen.