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Should breastfeeding moms drink birch water?

Birch water (known also as a birch juice or birch sap) is a unique drink with healing properties, pleasant and light taste. It is a real source of vitamins B and C, important minerals and other useful elements. This drink is extracted from birch trees in the springtime. It gives vivacity and strength, raises mood and immunity. In this article, we will consider whether it is good to drink birch sap for those that are breastfeeding.

Useful properties of birch water

*Fills the body with vitamins and important elements, gives strength and energizes, prevents avitaminosis;

*Strengthens immunity, protects against colds and infections, relieves inflammation;

*Accelerates recovery in ARVI and influenza, with a cough and cold, with angina;

*Improves metabolism;

*Aids in cleansing blood, improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure;

*Has a diuretic effect and removes swelling, removes excess fluid from the body and small stones from the kidneys;

*Increases breast milk production and improves lactation;

*Improves digestion;

*Relieves fatigue, restores strength and improves mood;

*External application positively affects the condition and health of the skin and hair. Strengthens the hair and makes the curls shiny, gives the skin firmness, fresh and pleasant color;

*Eliminates a cough and perspiration in the throat, helps with bronchitis;

*Improves the condition of the mouth and cures the mouth diseases. Unlike others juices, doesn’t promote the formation of cavities and doesn’t damage tooth enamel;

*Stimulates the work of the brain, strengthens the bones and helps with arthritis;


Before you think of drinking birch water, remember that despite useful functions and properties, birch sap can cause allergies. It can be dangerous for those who are allergic to birch pollen.

One more important thing for nursing mothers is that birch water can be drunk only in fresh form. For the first time try no more than half a glass of drink. For two days, observe the reaction of the newborn. If there are no problems with digestion, and the allergic reaction has not manifested, you can drink birch sap freely.

In the first reception with breastfeeding, dilute birch juice with regular water in half. Gradually increase the dosage of juice to a glass and reduce the volume of regular water. Better to start drinking after two to three months of lactation and not more often than twice a week. After two to three months, the baby’s body will grow stronger and adapt to new conditions. This age minimizes the risk of colic, the appearance of flatulence and digestive disorders, and stool disorders.

If the baby reacts normally to birch water and other various ingredients, you can add lemon or honey to the drink. Such a drink quickly quenches thirst, energizes, restores strength and improves lactation. It is important that the birch sap should be fresh, natural and properly harvested. In this case, you can trust BIRCHIQ, for it gives you all the best from fresh birch juice!

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