Patrons of Studio45 in Seattle discover for themselves benefits of Birch Water.

Our tasting event at Studio45 at the University District in Seattle was met with high interest and energetic enthusiasm about BIRCHIQ, the hydrating secret to a full-rounded exercise. A wide variety of members at Studio45 are searching for an all organic drink that hydrates their bodies after their Pilates-based workout here, and at the same time, boots their metabolism. Birchiq birch water is a positive addition at this studio where all classes are centered around a high-intensity workout that conditions the total body. The result is lean muscles, increased strength, and maximum calories burned. To many of the guests, they were surprised that birch water contains fewer calories than coconut water and has the beneficial characteristic to tighten skin! We highly recommend pairing together BIRCHIQ and exercising to have a toning effect on your body!

As the morning classes continued, the instructor Samantha created a positive and welcoming environment, reminding all the guests to have a taste of BIRCHIQ after the class, allowing them to enter our tasting raffle and ask about the benefits, mostly questioning the unique taste. Because birch water comes naturally from trees, it can be described as a woodsy taste, with the texture of cool, velvety smoothness. The instructors and the Sarah, manager of Studio45, were ecstatic about adding BIRCHIQ to their diet. Studio45 is unique because they are the first and only studio in the Seattle area that focusing on Lagree fitness that has been known as “Pilates on steroids” that is an equal balance of weight training and therapeutic elements of Pilates. We are confident that our birch water, BIRCHIQ is unique in our own way, too! We are the only company that creates all organic, smart water with only one ingredient: birch tree sap. Our drink is not diluted with any water, and no artificial colors or flavors are added. Now we can say a toast to that!

At our state of the art experience here, we held a raffle for one, special guest to win a FREE CASE OF BIRCHIQ, containing 15 bottles, to share with friends, family, or to keep for yourselves as the daily addition to your diet! Follow us on Instagram to see where our next tasting will be and your chance to win your very own case of Birchiq birch water. We are grateful to Studio45 and the friendly team in University District for hosting our sampling and congratulations to Ally C. for winning the raffle!