FlyWheel Sports welcomes BIRCHIQ to present Birch Water to its patrons.

The Birchiq team is up before the sun on this Saturday morning, on their way to FlyWheel Sports in Bellevue to get people excited about the 100% organic smart water that naturally comes from birch trees. At 7 am, FlyWheel Sports is already buzzing with activity. This workout place is a place for individuals to take spin or barre classes, ranging from beginners to advanced trainers. After a workout here, everyone had a reason to stop by our table and take a hydrating sip of Birchiq water. It’s natural electrolytes help hydrate the body after an intense workout, such as a spin class or working out at the gym! With more organic, hydrating power than Gatorade or water, Birchiq contains no artificial sugars. Now that’s something to talk about! As the morning progressed. We saw that the trainers were highlighted interested in the labels of Birchiq.

Is it Paleo? Is it safe for pregnant women? Can I drink it if I’m on the Whole30 diet challenge? All of the questions are important to their lifestyle because they value what they put in their bodies. We can confidently say that our birch water works with any diet because it detoxifies your kidney, livers, and it is anti-inflammatory and contains cleaning properties. Great for clear skin! help your body lose weight. It is even more important for women during pregnancy and afterward because Birchiq is a natural healer. Birch trees automatically heal any punctures or holes that are made during the harvest period (which ranges from 14-21 days), showing us that birch water is truly a natural healer that alleviates joint pain and helps stretch marks heal.

As you can see, there are plenty reasons why drinking birch sap is not only beneficial to your health, but it also fits with any diet! The morning progressed and we had many people, ages ranging from 18 to over 40 years old, give us different ideas about how the water tasted and compared the texture to coconut milk. As a matter of fact, we took on ourselves to test the difference! Birch sap contains more manganese, which is used as an antioxidant and enzyme function, resulting in healthy weight loss. Birchiq contains only 15 calories per serving, making it an excellent addition to your daily workout routine.

Throughout the day we held a raffle for one, special guest to win a FREE CASE OF BIRCHIQ, containing 15 bottles, to share with friends, family, or to keep for yourselves as the daily addition to your diet! Follow us on Instagram here to see where our next tasting will be and your chance to win your very own case of Birchiq birch water.
Thank you to the team at FlyWheel Sports in Bellevue for hosting us and congratulations to Mary B. for winning the raffle!