FlyWheel Sports glad to see BIRCHIQ at Seattle location.

At FlyWheel in South Lake Union Seattle, BIRCHIQ is the new smart water and the talk of the city because of its Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-Gmo characteristics and, also, because birch water is highly recommended by Nutritionists and Doctors! Flywheel Sports is a workout place for individuals to take spin or barre classes, ranging from beginners to advanced trainers and a variety of levels. Once the intense 45-minute class was done, many patrons were drawn by the idea of an all organic water that still has a light sweetness to it, yet no artificial sweeteners and flavors are added to Birchiq.
One trainer even said, “Last year, maple water was the new popular drink and this year, it’s ALL ABOUT BIRCH WATER!” We can agree about that, and beyond this year! Birchiq has been the ideal hydrating and nourishing drink for many centuries and continues to heal those who drink it. Additionally, Birchiq has an excellent combination of electrolytes and minerals to help restore those that are used during gym workouts. This drink will completely satisfy your thirst and at the same time, you can feel good about drinking it because it contains strong diuretic powers that clean your liver and kidneys out. If you are looking for a new way to add a healthy habit to your new year, take a sip of our birch water on your way to work, such as many were in the heart of downtown Seattle, and be confident that it will become part of your daily routine.

We connected with the flow of people at FlyWheel because they care about products that aid in their goal to stay healthy and birch water is a perfect, light-weight and airy drink that can be added to any meal or break in your day!
On this day we held a raffle for one, special guest to win a FREE CASE OF BIRCHIQ, containing 15 bottles, to share with friends, family, or to keep for yourselves as the daily addition to your diet! Follow us on Instagram to see where our next tasting will be and your chance to win your very own case of Birchiq birch water. Thank you to the team at FlyWheel Sports in South Lake Union for hosting us and congratulations to Abby S. for winning the raffle!