BIRCHIQ gets new fans at Flow Fitness.

In South Lake Union, technology central has slow-downed for the evening, but Flow Fitness is bustling with all types of fitness activities. So, we decided to join the lively energy by providing BIRCHIQ birch water samples to those just beginning their workout, starting a class, or coming out after an intense training. Flow Fitness is an all-service gym and by hosting BIRCHIQ was can trust that they care about the well-being of their members, as well! Not only do they have an open gym space, but Barre, Bootcamp, Dance fitness, Yoga – offering something for everyone. Just like our birch water, we offer it as a smart alternative to coconut water or Gatorade because of the low sugar quantity that comes naturally only from the xylitol trait of birch water, making it loved by all!

We had many ask about the benefits of drinking BIRCHIQ before their workout as they first walked into the facility and saw our bright white and friendly table set-up. We encourage daily drinking of Birchiq, but especially before stretching your muscles and getting that cardio in. Birch water provides a natural boost of energy for your body because of the electrolytes it contains for optimal performance. It’s very important to stay hydrated when at the gym and BIRCHIQ satisfy your thirst with a cool, refreshing taste. We firmly believe that making birch water the main part of your life will positively transform the way your body accomplishes tasks, whether it’s working at a tech company such as many do here in South Lake Union or taking time to work out. Developing awareness is necessary for any successful diet.

We are thankful for the warm welcoming at Flow Fitness and the friendly team at South Lake Union for hosting our sampling! We always hold a raffle for one, special guest to win a FREE CASE OF BIRCHIQ, containing 15 bottles, to share with friends, family, or to keep for yourselves as daily addition to your diet! Follow us on Instagram to see where our next tasting will be and your chance to win your very own case of Birchiq birch water. Congratulations to Johnny C. for winning the raffle!