Birch water in overweight fight.

Very often we witness or, even worse, we ourselves face the problem of extra fat deposits in our body. According to the World Health Organization, the world epidemic of obesity has begun since 1980 and the number of people with this type of disease has doubled. What is so terrible about overweight and why is it called a disease? Let’s try to figure it out. In most cases, excess kilograms do not occur suddenly – this is a lengthy process. The causes of overweight are many: heredity, stress, taking certain medications, hormonal changes, circulatory disorders. The main cause of excess weight and obesity, scientists call the energy imbalance between the calories that enter the body and the calories that a person spends on various activities.Excess weight increases the risk of metabolic and cardiac disorders, high blood pressure, the development of diseases of the organs of the urinary system. Obesity is the cause of many diseases, especially the joints of the feet, which literally wear off under the heavy weight. There comes deformity, swelling, and pain. Extra pounds also lead to injuries in intervertebral discs. As we can see, with obesity, all organs and systems of the body are affected to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, it affects the emotional-mental state. Being overweight is the cause of discontent with yourself and your own appearance, as a result, a person begins to feel unhappy, which means, unhealthy. Surely we can’t let such a problem spoil our life.But before starting decisive actions – better to consult with a specialist. This will help you to get on the right path and prevent the progression of possible diseases. Properly selected physical exercises in combination with a correctly formulated diet will always be your keystone for success! Everyone who wants to have a stable weight and a slender shape is recommended to drink birch sap for weight loss. According to well-known nutritionists for effective weight loss, you need to burn excess calories and cleanse the body of toxins and waste.

BIRCHIQ Birch Water will support your efforts in the overweight fight. First of all, it helps to eliminate excess salt, phosphate, uric acid, ammonia and the remnants of some medicines. Getting rid of these impurities helps cleanse the urinary tract, and as a result, helps to lose weight faster. When toxins fill the body, the body tends to hold fat back as a way to protect its organs. If these toxins are eliminated, it immediately facilitates effort and struggle against extra pounds and they go much faster. Stimulating the work of the liver and kidneys, birch sap clears the body of excess fluid and slag. Possessing a mild laxative property, it fights against constipation and effectively cleanses the intestines.

Many people who drink birch water regularly note that they not only lose weight but also improve the condition of their skin: it becomes clearer, cleaner and acquires a healthy shade. For those who want to try detoxification with birch water, drink 3/4 cups on an empty stomach every day for four to six weeks.

Therefore, do not be upset if your body weight and appearance are far from being like you would like. The main thing is a clearly stated goal and adequate means of achieving your cherished dream. And here birch water will be your small secret in success. Be active and healthy!