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Birch water and kidneys.

Kidneys are very important organs of every person and are responsible for the purifying function of our entire body. During the day they actively pump all our blood through themselves, in order to purify it and to eliminate all toxins and waste elements from the body. Blood carries over nutrients through the organism and takes all harmful and poisonous substances from the cells. It is very important to monitor the condition of the kidneys, to prevent diseases, and to feed them with useful trace elements.

To normalize the work of kidneys, a person needs to take treatment focused on cleaning the body of toxins, in this area Birch water will be a great help. This natural product promotes the improvement of the work of kidneys and reduces the risk of developing diseases of these purifying organs. Unlike medicines, birch water has no side effects, but there are contraindications to it. Therefore, in order to improve the state of health, rather than aggravate the situation, a person should know all the features of treatment with a natural medicine.

Birch water is very useful for kidneys and urogenital system.  Due to diuretic effect, minerals contained in birch water, contribute to the elimination of toxins, on the other hand, organic acids normalize the work of the kidneys, and tannins have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

Thanks to this, birch water can be:

effective in the treatment of chronic forms of inflammatory kidney disease;

dissolve small stones of phosphate and carbonate origin;

remove sand from the body;

prevent the development of urolithiasis.

To cleanse the kidneys, drink 1 glass of fresh birch water in fresh form every day for a month. For greater efficiency, 1 tsp of honey can be added to the drink. If necessary, repeat the course after 2-3 months. However, it should be kept in mind that useful substances that contribute to the purification of the kidneys are present only in the fresh product, which you can find in a bottle of BIRCHIQ.


Besides a large number of medicinal properties, birch water still is not recommended for people who have an individual intolerance to sap components. Patients who suffer from kidney stones, before use of natural elixir need specialist advice as a diuretic effect can cause a shift of stones that will lead to overlapping the ureteric duct.  Also, it is not possible to conduct a course of therapy for those who have an allergy to birch pollen.

Let’s remember that an active healthy way of life, healthy nutrition, sports, correct regime of our day, avoidance of cold will help us bring our kidneys back to normal and avoid diseases. After all, your health, mood, and working capacity depend on the proper functioning of your kidneys. So, everything is in your hands!

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