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Birch sap for the pregnant, mommies and babies

People are talking more and more about going back to natural food, about the importance of hydrating their body with healthy natural drinks. Many people with an active lifestyle consider Birch Water to be a champion of healthy drinks. But we all know that pregnant women need a special diet. Is birch water allowed in pregnant woman’s diet and if so, what benefits can pregnant women have from the use of this drink?

First of all, when the future mother experiences a long period of toxicosis, the best option will be to drink up to one liter of birch sap every day. This will reduce the signs of toxicosis. Birch water will also help in swelling and blood pressure jumps, which women often face while being pregnant.

The composition of birch water (AKA: birch sap, birch juice) includes vitamin C, tannins, and essential oils, calcium and potassium, iron. However, it does not contain protein and fats, so this drink is so useful for people who watch their weight. It improves digestion, kidney, and liver, strengthens immunity, helps with many diseases. Pure ecological birch water practically does not cause any harm to pregnant women or infants. This drink is beneficial and recommended to consume for pregnant and lactating women for the fact that birch water is a storehouse of nutrients that pregnant women’s body needs in high quantities, which results in cravings of birch water by pregnant women.

However, sometimes this drink causes an allergic reaction, therefore it is not recommended for children under a year since the baby’s organism is just adapting to new food and has just started to get the lure. In addition, it can’t be taken by those who are allergic to birch pollen, as well as people with stomach ulcers.

How to give birch water to a baby:

You can start giving birch sap when your baby turned one. To begin, it is better to dilute with drinking water in the proportion of 1 to 1. When the child is more adjusted to the drink, with each new dose gradually reduce the volume of water, replacing it with birch sap. You can also begin with a teaspoon of pure birch water and observe the reaction of the baby. If there is no negative reaction, children can be given 100-150 ml of birch water, but not more often than two or three times a week. After three years, the dosage can be increased to one glass. Be prepared that the child may have an allergy to birch pollen and birch sap. If you notice any signs of an allergy, immediately eliminate the drink from the diet and contact your pediatrician!

Consume only pure birch water, collected only in environmentally clean places, while it is fresh and doesn’t have any preservatives added since birch water with added preservatives loses its useful properties. But with BIRCHIQ you don’t have to worry about that. Because of the special packaging of being in a glass bottle, it preserves all the properties of fresh birch water straight from the tree;

Having read the text above, you are now informed absolute usefulness of birch sap. After birth and during lactation birch water will help to reduce weight, it can be contra-indicated only in case of allergic reactions in the baby. Fortunately, this happens very rarely.

With all it’s useful properties this healthy and non-allergic drink will be very useful for both: mommies and babies!

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