Benefits of Birch Water for your liver.

Liver is a very important organ of our body, moreover, it is singular, and therefore it is necessary to take care of it properly. Liver is a real “universal soldier” that performs more than 500 different functions in our body! One of its key purposes is the “protection” of our body. It’s hard to imagine, but every moment our body is continuously exposed to toxins, and liver continuously is doing the work of the filter throughout life, repulsing these attacks.

Therefore, good work of the liver is the guarantee of the health of the whole body. No doubts, liver as the main “workaholic” requires our support as well.

As was mentioned, human liver is constantly exposed to negative effects: frequent stresses, illnesses, malnutrition, external factors – all this leaves its mark. As a result – the productivity of the organ decreases, there are problems with metabolism, with the ability to detoxify. All these violations of the normal functioning of the body provoke the development of various pathologies. To take care of the liver health, you need to do it constantly, and better start with organization of the diet and with selection useful products.

Birch water has a great benefit for liver, for it contains a storehouse of medicinal components, thanks to which a variety of diseases can be treated.

First of all, birch water contributes to the elimination of toxins, so it is not surprising that it has a positive effect on the liver because it facilitates its work, and all the health, as well. Birch water helps to get rid of toxins that only liver can handle, such as saturated fats, alcohol, pesticides and much more. Birch water also has astringent properties due to a large number of tannins. It is able to increase the production of bile in the liver and this makes it ideal for treating diseases of the digestive system. This choleretic property of birch water not only improves the digestion of food but also reduces the side effects of malfunctioning of this organ, such as belching, gas, heartburn. Moreover, treatment with birch water significantly reduces pain and inflammation after hepatic colic.

Birch water, stimulating the work of the liver and kidneys, clears the body of excess fluid and slag. Possessing a mild laxative property, it fights against constipation and effectively cleanses the intestines.

Active components of this drink stimulate metabolism and regulate metabolic processes of digestion. Do not forget about these virtues, drink BIRCHIQ Birch Water for your health and keep your liver in “good shape”.