Benefits of Birch Water are known around the world.

Slender white birch trees are not only one of the most beloved trees in Ukraine, sung by poets and musicians. Birch juice, the benefits of which have long been proven, is irreplaceable in many situations. Doctors claim that the properties of this natural product can protect from depression, vitamin deficiency, and incurable fatigue. This is a true spring elixir, easy to digestion and favorable for the body. It is considered as a dietary and as a well-refreshing drink. A glass of birch water in the morning is recommended as a component of many diets: it accelerates the metabolism. Even athletes consider it as one of the best sports drinks.

Do you know that in Finland, birch sap is almost equal for the values to the aloe vera extract?  Cosmetic brands of Japan and Sweden increasingly include it as a component in their products. Indians used birch sap as a remedy for arthritis and other joint problems. In Korea, it is used as a treatment for symptoms of multiple sclerosis, they also believe it is able to reduce migraine attacks. Finnish doctors found that sweet syrups made of birch water not only prevent caries of teeth but also stop its development. Therefore, birch juice, as well as syrups and candies made of it, are recommended for the prevention of dental diseases in children.

Our ancestors knew well how to collect birch water and how to prepare it for storage, so all its useful properties are preserved. They could collect it practically in unlimited quantities, and without harming the tree. Today, the situation somewhat has changed: the collection of water in volumes more than fifty liters requires special permission. In addition, it should be collected only in the forests, where ecology leaves no doubt. You can’t take water from the birch trees growing along highways and railways – it can cause damage to human health.

In the last few years, mankind has begun to realize a huge number of issues related to our environmental impact. They can be listed infinitely: pollution of water, radioactive waste, greenhouse effect, ozone holes, the problem of utilization of waste, reducing the number of living organisms, etc. … and one we can assert for certain – the cutting down of trees is almost the greatest harm people do to the environment. But collecting birch water has a direct impact on the preservation of our forests, thus maintaining a clean environment. After all, for collecting birch water it is necessary to store adult trees and plant new ones. It should be noted that BIRCHIQ birch water is be collected only in clean forests away from highways and factories. This fact prompts the saving and breeding of new reserves. Remember, drinking a glass of this magnificent elixir, you contribute to a great deal of saving a clean ecology.